Changyang Li

Ph.D. Candidate @ George Mason University. I am looking for research positions.


I work as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Design Computing and Extended Reality Group, advised by Prof. Lap-Fai Yu. Before that, I received my MS degree in Computer Science at the University of Virginia, and BS degree in Computer Science at Beijing Institute of Technology.

My research interests include graphics, mixed reality, vision, human-computer interaction, and computational design. Specifically, I study generative 3D content (virtual human activities and environments, NeRFs) for facilitating AR, and scene-adaptive AR/VR + HCI.


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Mar, 2024 One paper conditionally accepted by ACM SIGGRAPH 2024 conference track
Apr, 2023 One paper accepted by ACM SIGGRAPH 2023
Jan, 2023 One paper accepted by ACM CHI 2023
Jan, 2023 One paper accepted by IEEE VR 2023
May, 2022 Our SIGGRAPH 2022 paper is featured on the SIGGRAPH Blog
Apr, 2022 One paper accepted by ACM SIGGRAPH 2022
Aug, 2021 One paper accepted by ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2021
Jun, 2019 One paper accepted by IROS 2019


  1. s24dragon.gif
    Dragon’s Path: Synthesizing User-Centered Flying Creature Animation Paths for Outdoor Augmented Reality Experiences
    Minyoung KimRawan AlghofailiChangyang Li, and Lap-Fai Yu
    SIGGRAPH Conference Paper, 2024
  2. s23snippets.gif
    Generating Activity Snippets by Learning Human-scene Interactions
    Changyang Li, and Lap-Fai Yu
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceeding of SIGGRAPH), 2023
  3. chi23narratives.jpg
    Location-Aware Adaptation of Augmented Reality Narratives
    Wanwan Li*, Changyang Li*Minyoung KimHaikun Huang, and Lap-Fai Yu
    * indicates equal contribution
    Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2023
  4. vr23shop.jpg
    Optimizing Product Placement for Virtual Stores
    Wei Liang, Luhui Wang, Xinzhe Yu, Changyang LiRawan Alghofaili, Yining Lang, and Lap-Fai Yu
    IEEE Virtual Reality, 2023
  5. sig22arstorytelling.gif
    Interactive augmented reality storytelling guided by scene semantics
    Changyang Li, Wanwan Li, Haikun Huang, and Lap-Fai Yu
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceeding of SIGGRAPH), 2022
    Featured on the SIGGRAPH Blog
  6. siga21teleport.jpeg
    Synthesizing scene-aware virtual reality teleport graphs
    Changyang LiHaikun HuangJyh-Ming Lien, and Lap-Fai Yu
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceeding of SIGGRAPH Asia), 2021
  7. Frontiers in VR
    A review on virtual reality skill training applications
    Biao Xie, Huimin Liu, Rawan Alghofaili, Yongqi Zhang, Yeling Jiang, Flavio Destri Lobo, Changyang Li, Wanwan Li, Haikun Huang, Mesut Akdere, Christos Mousas, and Lap-Fai Yu
    Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 2021
  8. iros19birlf.gif
    Learning virtual grasp with failed demonstrations via bayesian inverse reinforcement learning
    Xu Xie*Changyang Li*Chi ZhangYixin Zhu, and Song-Chun Zhu
    * indicates equal contribution
    IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2019
  9. vr17earthquake.gif
    Earthquake safety training through virtual drills
    Changyang LiWei Liang, Chris Quigley, Yibiao Zhao, and Lap-Fai Yu
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG, Special Issue on IEEE Virtual Reality), 2017
  10. siga16graphcut.png
    Joint labelling and segmentation for 3D scanned human body
    Hanqing WangChangyang Li, Zikai Gao, and Wei Liang
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Virtual Reality meets Physical Reality: Modelling and Simulating Virtual Humans and Environments, 2016

Academic Services

Conference Paper Reviewer

  • SIGGRAPH 2023, SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
  • CHI 2024, UIST 2023
  • Pacific Graphics 2023
  • IEEE VR 2018, 2019

Journal Paper Reviewer

  • ACM Transactions on Graphics 2023
  • Computer Graphics Forum 2022, 2023